Boy, have I been slow in commenting on the cards I have received - my apologies!

Anyway, I’ve previously commented on 14 cards from 13 people. Since then, cards from 11 more APUGers have come in:

Black Dog - “Early Light” - nice and dark and moody
crispinuk - “Iceland Farmhouse” - a colour print that just glows
Kwhitmore - “Gift Shop of Horrors” - made me smile, and glad I don’t work there
markrewald - “March 2010 Snow Storm” - a parking meter as art - nice print too
Mike Wilde - “3 5x7s” - you are too generous Mike! - I like the two portraits, especially the one of the actor, which has a sort of period look to it - I also liked the ham radio shack, which made me think of my father’s memories (he was a radio operator in WWII)
OMU - “Pier with snow” - another really nice snow scene, which coincidentally appeared in the mail box the same day as markrewald’s - also a very nice print
Rob Skeoch - “View of Mont-Blanc from the Chamonix Valley” - a crisp and evocative landscape printed very well (snow here too
rst - “Zwinger - Rothenburg o.d. Tauber” - like the textures and curves
Tim Gray - “wintery mix” - this says “cold and wet” to me!
trotkiller - “Low Head Lighthouse” - great viewpoint
wazza - “Storm Rolling Into Cowie Bay” - an impressive black and white seascape which benefits from the subtle tint from the colour paper

By my records, 24 people have sent their cards so far, and cards from 6 people (BirgerA, GeoffHill, gordrob, photomem, timk and zumbido) are yet to come. If I have missed acknowledging someone who has sent their card, I apologize and ask that you post here or PM me to advise.

Thanks to everyone for participating.