Got your hot new Chamonix 45n-2 and don't quite have enough left over for that carbon-fiber gitzo tripod to hold it up with? Clunker Bogens too hard on your back?

Fret no more! For sale today is a tripod classic, the Zone VI lightweight field tripod! This is good ol' Fred Picker's Zone VI, out of Newfane Vermont, not the Calumet buyout, so you know it's designed for photographers by one hell of a photographer. Features include:

-Independent leg spread
-3/8-inch screw for mounting your favorite tripod head
-spiked steel feet
-bubble level
-18lb. capacity!

Now, I love this tripod. Only reason I'm passing it on to somebody else, is because I bucked the current lightweight tread and bought an 8x10 Sinar, which is 18lb without a lens. I bumped up to a Bogen beast that'll hold 44lb, small cars, and large women with ease, so the Zone VI is a bit extra now.

Now, to condition. All three legs have the above-pictured mud stains on them. The three feet each have some surface rust, and the top platform is marred from tripod heads. Thats about it. Bubble-level is just fine, all the knobs are present, complete, uncracked, and working perfectly. If you want a rock-solid lightweight tripod to carry with you into the field, then this is your winner!

And, as an extra-special bonus, I'm including (not that I need it for anything) the original Zone VI burgundy nylon tripod bag! Carry your hot new tripod in waterproof, tear-resistant, flame-retardant style.

The nitty-gritty of it all is this: I'm going to ask $200 for this. I'm more than willing to entertain offers, so don't hesitate, I'm easy. For whatever price we agree upon, you'll get the tripod in it's red nylon case, and maybe some candy from the dollar store. Shipping is up to the buyer, since this won't fit in a flat-rate box and shipping is going to be all over the place on this one. Payment via Paypal is the preferred method (though it also requires some transaction fees, which are also up to the buyer), but Money Orders and bounceless checks are also perfectly fine.

I think that's about it, but if I've left anything out, or mis-stated anything, chime in. Ask questions, tell stories, I'm here to sell!