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Strange, I got 2 Kodakchrome 64 from 1982 just taken and mailed Kodak Denmark about how to procces them.
The answer was that if they are the "new" kind form midt 1970 I could just sendt them to Lausanne in the bags that came with them.
If the film in 1982 was sold as pre paid in Denmark that also the fact to day even so many years after.

So I belive that until 31 dec 2010 it's possible to get the KodakChrome processed in Switzerland to.

Any "Process K-14" 35mm Kodachrome (from its introduction in the mid-70's) should still be processable, but Dwaynes, in Kansas, US, is now the only lab in the world which can deal with it, and their service is scheduled to finish on 31st December.
Kodak state, however, that the European process-paid films sent to them in Lausanne must reach them by 30th November 2010, presumably to allow them time to courier the films to Kansas before Dwaynes cease the processing service.