Maybe most cameras are manufactured for right hand users.
Maybe most rangefinders are made for left eye dominant photographers.

But are most cameras gender-specific, that is male-oriented?

The thought crossed my mind when I met Ann at the chatroom and she
told us that she sold her Hasselblad because it did not fit her hands.
I joked about the camera being "a man's camera".
Then Nicole posts at the forums looking for advice on how to get a smaller,
lighter camera to fit her gentler hands.

We all are familiar with the great number of women photographers, but do they just put up with the heavier, buklier cameras that boys design for themselves?
Would that be a problem for new female photographers to get serious into photography and exchange a light compact for a heavier "serious" camera?

Granted its just a passing maybe silly thought and not a conspiracy theory, but aren't the forums for chit chatting about silly passing thoughts as well?