I have now processed my second roll in this soup, it came out OK too. But this time i really cannot compare it against anything since it was a Superia 1600, a film that i have never tried before. The same filtration that i use for Reala was very close, but i had to open up 1 stop, probably because of a clearly visible darker film base in this 1600 film. I used the same 8min 30 degree centigrade processing temp as in my last report in this thread. This time i did not experience any slight blue/magenta cast, it could be that i was a bit sloppy in my manual processing the first time (i did also use a tank that i have never used before - i know, a bad thing to change two things..).

I will be pushing this new chemistry a bit regarding shelf life, i have made 350ml working solution and i am storing it in 500ml bottles at room temp.. Lets see when it starts to "behave" in some way..

I have to say that i was impressed with the S-1600 film, i had expected much more grain. A 10x15cm copy at normal viewing distance in a photo album do not have any disturbing grain, i would say that it performs better than my old EOS 300D at this ISO. But i find this film quite contrasty and i do not think that could be blamed on the chemistry since the P160C came out quite as expected and that the filtration was in the ballpark. So far the chemistry seem to do what it should, nothing more nothing less.