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Difference between 35 and 50 is not big enough IMO.
50 is my favorite, on any system.
For my Nikons I use 24mm additionally.
I must admit that I think it is often hard to use.
For me 28mm is the widest, though still relatively "normal", which I can use all the time for anything, just like your maximum zoomrange. Wider than that you enter into a different trade. You may or may not want that.
Also on a Leica, it is the widest lens I can use without an additional viewfinder, and that is a relevant factor for me.

So 28 it is for me, besides 50mm.
Normally Martin I would agree with you that the 35 and 50mm are too close in focal length to be worth buying for general pictorial photography for this the 50mm and the 28mm are a better combination, I have both, but for street shooting I love the 35mm f2 because by setting it at the hyperfocal distance and setting the aperture for the prevailing light conditions I can "point and shoot" without focusing, and it doesn't apparently push the background too far away like my 28mm or 24mm.