Good morning, Focus No. 9;

A couple of things:

(1.) For a CLA, look also at Garry's Camera in Niles, Illinois. Their normal quoted price for a CLA for the X Series of Minolta SLR cameras is on the order of $45.00. I think shipping may be extra.

(2.) While admitting that I have no experience with the problem occurring in an XG-1 or XG-7, I can tell you what happens when the shutter capacitor in an X-700 dies (and that is not really as often as many people like to think): With batteries in the camera, turn it on. Press down lightly on the shutter release button with the film advance lever lifted away from its stow position against the camera body. Look into the view finder and you will see that the red LED indications are on. Press down on the shutter release button to fire the shutter. If the mirror goes up, the shutter goes across, and the mirror comes back down, there is no problem. If nothing happens with the mirror and the shutter, and the red LED indicators go out, then there may be a problem with the shutter capacitor in the bottom of the camera. Turn the camera off. OK. Again, that is what an X-700 will do.

Garry's Camera also has experience with this type repair. If you are sending the camera to them for a CLA, most often they will do this simple repair for the additional cost of the parts, since they are going to be in there anyway for the CLA, and it is a very simple thing at that point to replace the offending capacitor.