I made mark's 1880 dry plate emulsion found here, poured it on glass (3.25x4.25), exposed it and developed it.

Good News: no fog and it works
Bad News: SLOW. in direct sunlight @f8 30seconds gave me a thin negative.

I think I might have under ripened.

I developed in 5x7 inch trays PMK (40 drops a + 80 drops b +200ml's wate for 20 mins at 58*f. I don't have anything to measure out single ml's, so based off of this I used 20 drops = 1ml.

Stop was 2 mins in water with 2 exchanges during that time

Fixer was 25g of sodium thiosulfate to 200ml's of water.

I am so relieved that I got anything at all on the glass. Everything is swell, except for the speed of the film. I didn't have any problem with the emulsion coming off, in fact it gave me such a hard time cleaning it off of everything it touched! The only real issue is the speed which i feel is due to under ripening.

Does anyone have any tips for pouring the emulsion? I made a huge mess and left uncovered spots on the glass