Well, two things on the brink really.

1. I have managed to order some samples of the biocide that Kodak uses for preserving gelatin and emulsions. If it works out, then this will allow emulsion keeping and gelatin keeping before coating to be increased by nearly a year or more. This will be a great economical benefit to workers in this area.

2. I have two samples of chemicals coming that will allow me to make my first color coatings. I am preparing to make 3 sheets of C/M/Y coatings on film with proper sensitization, so that I can superpose them and prove the concept. This was how Mannes and Godowsky got started. If it works, the final formula will be in the book. (Well, an outline of a thought experiment is there already, but having the real thing will be better)!!!! Don't you agree?

Anyhow. One emulsion in the can needing about 10 experiments to find out the "sweet spot", one emulsion (t-grain) to make in a few weeks, and the color emulsion when I get the chemicals.

Oh, I have worked up a cubic bromide emulsion and was wondering if anyone thinks that should be in the book as well. Opinions welcome.

I'm still working.