A bit more information may help:

After a brief and rather shocking ride on the bathroom scale, I've deduced that the tripod, in its bag, weighs 11 pounds. The tripod by itself weighs 9.5 pounds.

There's room enough in the tripod bag to fit a lower-profile head attached to the tripod, but it will not fit a Bogen 3047 head, both because of height and how far the knobs stick out.

Folded, the tripod is just shy of 39", and the tallest stable-feeling height it will attain is 55", but this is of course variable. Leg spread is infinite and governed by a nylon cord with tightener in fine shape. For you trigonometry people out there, each leg is 59" long when fully extended. For the less mathematically-inclined, it will put a camera at comfortable eye-level on the average 5'10" human being, such as myself, and hold it very steady.

I've also just deduced that shipping from Oregon (me) to Florida is $25 via UPS ground. Figure right around that for all of the east coast, and proportionately lower the closer one gets. Individuals lucky enough to find themselves in the Portland area can pick it up for free, and if I'm enticed enough (say, with a sandwich or beer), I might even deliver it to Gresham or Vancouver.