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My opinion is that the development conditions are too weak for this emulsion. It should give a good contrast image with a reasonable exposure using about ISO 3 which is probably faster than what you saw.

I have one of his plates right here on the table next to me. Here is a scan of it courtesy of Mark. As you can see, it has good density and contrast.

I have posted a series of Mark, pouring this emulsion, in another thread here.

I think you have used too little developer A and B.

Do you know of any alternative dilutions for PMK? I'm using 1:2:1000 as the directions said. I have very little experience in using pyro, today being my 5th time. I think that my temp was a low for sure, but my first two plates were very, very underexposed. at 5 seconds f16 i got only the faintest lines, and 30secs at f8 appears to be at least 2 stops underexposed.

The book i'm using recommends using d49 as developer.

This has been one of the most nerve racking and rewarding experiences i've ever had with photography. Thanks for your help guys