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I have fairly big hands, and wide palms. Once upon a time when I was considering buying a non-silver-based camera, I went around the shops looking at their offerings. At that time the top "camera" was a sculpted thing with more buttons than you can see at the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace...

I picked it up, and immidiately put it down again saying to the salesperson "it's amazing that such a technically advanced object can be so impossible to hold comfortably". My fingers are too long to fit around the grip, my palms too wide to fit the grip, and I would have had to amputate half of my index finger to reach the release button.

It's not just women - there are far too many cameras that simply aren't made for humans! (I'll include the Linhoif Technika III 5x7" in that - a marvel of engineering, but hopeless ergonomics for hand-held shooting. So why fit a rangefinder you can't see through with you right eye?)
I have small hands, yet I feel most comfortable holding a Nikon F5 over an F100. For some reason, the F100, even with its grip attached made me want to drop it (it just repulsed me for some reason). I can't explain that feeling.

As for the compact cameras, I'm more likely to put my finger over the lens on those tiny (for the most part) things.