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I don't know if it's just me but a photographers vest seems like goofy attire for a wedding. Granted the photographer is a hired gun but I don't beleive one has to have a vest just to grab a roll every 5-10 minutes.
A nice black photo vest is perfectly fine for wedding photography. It isn't just film you carry in the pockets. Lenses, filters, cleaning things, even a flash or two can be pocketed. Oh, and batteries.

They really are hard to beat and you only look dorky if you aren't carrying a camera.

One piece of advice which I will pass on. Make sure that any critical must have shot is done with two cameras. These days I shoot almost entirely hybrid so for me one of the shots is taken with the digital camera and the other with the film camera. But when I shoot only film, I make sure that the money shots are backed up on a second camera and roll of film.