Following the good example of Matt, here's also an overdue update from me.

Cards received since my last update:
rst, Zwinger, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber: very sharp for a pinhole. Oh wait, deviation from the previous round, it's not a pinhole . Very nice print, lovely.
DrZish, McCormick's Creek: The cracks in the stones and the shadows on them make for a nice composition.
Trottkiller, lighthouse: nice subject. Sharpness and detail is amazing, but if I were to print this, I think I would try to get some more contrast.
Rob Skeoch, Mont-Blanc: well, that's the contrast I was talking about! Nice shot.
markrewald, Snow storm. I like this one. It's so simple, yet so effective. Sometimes I have trouble seeing photo opportunities in everyday situations, but I have to remind myself that that which might seem simple to me can be very interesting in print. I'll try to learn from this (again).
wazza, Storm Rolling in: stormy sky and an interesting foreground. Well done!

Oh, and I received a card from some guy who goes by the nickname of "kraker". Counting that one as well, I have received 22 out of 26. Not bad at all, and who knows... more might show up!

Thanks for another interesting round. Looking forward to round 20!