I bought a box of junk on e**y that arrived today. Minolta SRT-202 in pretty good shape (needs seals and CLA) with an 50/1.7MD in really good shape (better than the one I had), a Petri FT with a 50/1.7 breach lock (shutter won't fire and other problems) and a few other odds and ends, well worth the $10 plus shipping I paid for it. Also included is a near mint Focal 80-200/3.5 two-touch about which I know nothing (other than that it was sold at K-Mart.) Any idea who made it? Constant aperture, seems solidly built and a pretty fair macro range. 67mm filter size, serial # is 787998 if that helps, but other than that it says "Focal MC Auto Zoom. There's also a sticker near the aperture ring next to the "Lens made in Japan" that says "20-06-66(B)". I plan to test it and see if it's a keeper. It doesn't really look like either of the Vivitar series 1 70-210s that I have (Kiron and ???) but somebody made it.