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The standard laser matte screens for the Canon New F-1 are very bright, and they have a choice of focusing aids, plus they have the option of extra bright laser matte optimized for wide or long lenses, though the extra bright versions can be hard to find. I have the standard AE screen, which I almost never use, the standard spot metering screen, which is my main screen, and the extra bright tele spot metering screen, which I use mainly with the 600/4.5.
I agree on the New F-1 in general, and then when you add the Speed Finder to it you are simply not going to find a larger viewfinder out there!

If you're familiar with the original F-1's metering system, then the P series of screens will replicate that for you (no need for the A screens if you have the Speed Finder on, and the S screens are an even narrower area of metering than the P screens.)