Howdy all,

A few weeks ago I was gifted a Minolta XE-1. The camera had been stored for the last ten years and was the previous owners fathers pride and joy (until he passed away. The guy I got it off wanted to ensure that it got used.).

Tonight I started going through the kit and noticed that the body appears to have quite a bit of fungus. Attached to it was a 50 F1.5 and from my inspections, this actually appears to be quite fungus free. (I couldn't see anything that I would regard as lens fungus).

In the body, the worse fungus is in the main mirror chamber. When you actuate the shutter, you can see the fungus draws a line on either side that lines up with the mirror. The film compartment appears to be clean.

Apart from this and a fogged 500 F8 Tamron, the kit looks in very good condition.

I have dealt with lenses and fungus, but to me, this looks a bit more hard core.

Should I:

  • Try and clean the interior and exterior myself?
  • Take it in for a CLA.
  • Write off the body

I must admit I am feeling a little disappointed, not with the previous owner (heck, these things happen), but because I was rather keen to get out there and use it.