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It would be interesting, though, to see a proper comparison about the promised possibility to process in different temperatures than 37.8C, to see if Fuji/Kodak chemicals work as well with the same temps/times or not.
Yes, that would be interesting, done by someone who can manage the temperatures carefully. I have found 30C to be the practical limit with the things i have around.

For me the issue of shelf-life, both concentrates and working solutions are also very important. That is the reason i bought a small kit of the Rollei chemistry to test in the first place. Picture-quality-wise i am OK with Tetenal, but it goes bad on the shelf.

I am just a hobbyist and do not have all the experience as many of you have, can someone tell how big filtration differences that is normal between different films on the same paper? (assuming no corrections for shooting conditions)