OK, i 'accidentally' hit buy-it-now on a Minolta MC Rokkor-X f1.7.
(at least thats what I told my wife)

Problem is, I dont have a minolta body to mount it on. =]
So, this may end up being my 5th 35mm SLR *system* to buy in to.
(A friend of mine just gave me an EOS 50, so that makes 6 systems, but I havent paid for anything in that yet, so it doesnt count)

I've read some of the recent posts about the good cameras to buy.
So I am considering a XD-11 or X-570 to get me started.

What do you think about the lens?
I looked at Flickr and I liked the examples better than the examples from the Canon FD 85mm f1.8 and Olympus 85mm f2 (nicer bokeh and color).