The XD11 is considered by many to be the best body Minolta made. The X700 (as opposed to the X570) was the last top-of-the-line body in production and both are fine performers. You will probably find an X700 (or Xxxx) cheaper than an XD11. I own both and they are both fine.

The X700 has a "P" program mode that will not fully function with the "MC" lens you bought. The P mode requires a "MD" mount lens. The XD11 has both aperture and shutter priority, but not a program mode. Take a look at the Rokkor files: and

Not to contradict Walrath, the SRT's are fine cameras, and if you pay more than $30 for one, you've done it wrong.

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So, this may end up being my 5th 35mm SLR *system* to buy in to.
You do realize that this is a disease ...