"Or there a few here that would gladly take it from your hands."

I might be interested in a Olympus 85mm f2.

"The XD11 is considered by many to be the best body Minolta made. "

Thats what seems to be the favorite. But is it so well liked because of reliability, features, or what?

"The Minolta XE-7 / XE-1 is my favorite."
I owned a XG-1 or maybe it was an XG-7.. but either way I was not impressed. I'm not sure how they differ than the XE series.

"The X700 has a "P" program mode that will not fully function with the "MC" lens you bought."
-Thank you, you just saved me from buying another camera that I would have to buy separate lenses for =].

"But I also own the SRT- 101, SRT-303, and X-700."
"The SRT's Are Mechanical Brutes."
I've held a SRT before and it was a little too big/heavy for my tastes.

"You do realize that this is a disease ..."
-yes, I have fully embraced my addiction. I dont pretend that I am going to be any better because of it, I just enjoy the ride.