I wound up with three 100/2.5 MC Rokkors. The 85s are all very expensive and I prefer the slightly longer focal length. For portraits I like to use a grid type or plain matte focusing screen. It makes it easier to focus on the eyes. When the X-700 came out in 1981 I thought it was a step backward for Minolta. It has a slower flash synch speed than the XD-11 and a horizontal cloth shutter. It also lacks the ability to provide Shutter Priority automation even with MD lenses. On the plus side, the X-700 has interchangeable focusing screens, TTL flash metering, a sensitive and accurate meter and a very bright and sharp viewfinder. If I find an 85 Rokkor at the right price I may get one. I'm not in a hurry because I have other 85s, even if they are not for Minolta. These include an 85/1.8 Konica Hexanon, an 85/1.8 Canon New FD, an 85/1.8 Canon FL and an 85/2 AI Nikkor. In good light and with a lens as fast as the 85/1.7 MC Rokkor-X any Minolta body would be fine. In lower light or when TTL flash is handy the X-700 is more versatile. I should say that the X-700 focusing screens, apart from the standard one, are not very easy to find.

Even though I like the 85s I have I am more likely to use a 100/2.8 Canon FD or 100/2.5 MC Rokkor or 135/2.8 Vivitar Close Focusing in Konica mount for portrait shooting.