OK, we are 55 and missed the record round #18. But we found some new postcarders this round and we have some good people coming back, so who cares about a record ...

Here is the final list, please check, I will send out the address lists tomorrow.

Once you received your list, please wait for a few days before you send your postcards, there is always a good chance that I mixed up some addresses.


Ah, the list:

Allen Friday (MAX)
aluk (30)
anikin (20)
Aron (20)
Black Dog (MAX)
BoxBrownie (MAX)
crispinuk (50)
Dave Martiny (30)
david James lee (20)
djhopscotch (25)
drpsilver (MAX)
Fleath (MAX)
gordrob (30)
gr82bart (MAX)
gurkenprinz (30)
hoffy (20)
hwv (25)
ignatiu5 (20)
johnnywalker (25)
Jostie (20)
jst (15)
Kevin Kehler (25)
kraker (25)
KWhitmore (MAX)
labcoat (25)
Laurent (MAX)
likemarlonbrando (20)
lorirfrommontana (MAX)
markrewald (MAX)
MattKing (28)
mckenna (40)
Mick Fagan (MAX)
mike c (25)
mooseontheloose (40)
Nige (15)
Oxleyroad (20)
ozphoto (20)
Patrick Latour (MAX)
paul_c5x4 (15)
Pete H (MAX)
PhotoJim (50)
Rob Skeoch (MAX)
Roger Bulcock (MAX)
rst (30)
rtbadman (MAX)
RTMoynihan (10)
sage (20)
Samad Asad (MAX)
slumry (MAX)
sly (50)
Stephen Frizza (MAX)
Tim Gray (MAX)
trotkiller (MAX)
Valerie (25)
Wayne Frederick (20)