Hey all - A group of co-workers and myself will soon be giving MT. Whitney a try. We are all 1st timers to MT. Whitney, and I would like to document the trip, for myself and for PR for our company.

I have never done a overnight backing trip before and am finding it hard to figure out how to pack my camera gear along with my camping gear (in a safe manner anyway).

the pack:

Kelty Red Cloud 5600

the camera gear:

Canon AE-1P
Canon A-1
50mm f/1.4
100mm F/4 macro
35-105mm f/3.5 Zoom

I was thinking about both bodies in case I came across something I wanted in B&W, not sure yet. I will also probably take the 199a flash, since it's the smallest one I have.

I'd like to hear how others have packed their bags and incorporated their camera gear, and suggestions on which gear to take, including stuff I haven't listed.