I used to pack the Uintas in NE Utah, San Juans in SE Colo. and other places. My camera of choice was a Ricoh 500 or my Olympus XA. My friends and I would spend two to three weeks in the wilds at altitudes above 10,000 ft. In winter I would X-C ski for one to two weeks trekking from yurt to hut to tent, depending on where I was going. Some friends used to operate back country yurts for wilderness treks(paying clients). Pack of choice was a first generation Wilderness Experience internal frame expedition pack. Space and weight are prime concerns especially at high altitude, where every ounce feels like a pound. Priority given to food and warmth, whatever was left over was for other necessities like climbing gear. Camera gear rode in strap on accessory pouches on shoulder straps or hip belt. Film was stashed in plastic canisters in the bag along with mini pod. I never packed a SLR on any trips, too heavy. The degenerative arthritis in my back and knees (and neck, hands) precludes me from enjoying that life anymore. Now, I can pack anything I care to shoot---in my Jeep (Grand Cherokee) in comfort.