After looking at all these darkrooms, I'm almost embarrassed to post pictures of mine. I live in a small, very small one bedroom house that I rent, so the bathroom was already a dual purpose room, bathroom, and laundry room. I figured one more purpose couldn't hurt too much, so I put my enlarger (an old Elwood 5x7) in there (it blocks one of the 2 doors into the room), and I use the washer and dryer as my 'work surface' and the little sink to wash prints and film. I put a print washer in the shower (luckily there's a bathtub in the bedroom) as well as clothes pins hung from the shower curtain rod to dry prints & film (I even added an extra rod so I can dry 12 sheets of 4x5 at a time) It's a bit cramped at times, but it does the job well, as well as leaving the commode free for use as it is, so no conversions are needed. The only hassle is moving around stuff when I do laundry.