I have packed a 4x5 on 11 days hiked thru the Grand Canyon and bicycled for 5+ months through New Zealand with a 4x5 also. Of course, I was a bit younger at the time, so now I usually just take the wee little Rolleiflex.

But such little camera gear as you listed will be no problem -- as long as you do a little training before the big trip. Don't know where you are located, but try to do some high elevation hiking to get you and your lungs in shape. Altitude sickness will be your biggest stumbling block going up to 14,000 feet.

Equipment -- leave the 50mm and 100mm macro behind (you can do macros anywhere -- does not have to be on Whitney), unless it is a favorite lens, as you have it already covered with the 35-105mm. Or bring one of them along instead of a body cap for the second camera. Tripod? Bring a small bag you can fill with sand or dirt to stabilize the camera for longer shutter speeds...or one of those little table pods -- they weigh ounces.

But most of all, have a bunch of fun!