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Yes to all of the above. So does the A700 (my digi shooter).

The sweet is a good camera for what it is, in the fact that it can use the modern SSM lenses (the ones with the focus motor built into the lens). The 7 can also do this, which is the main reason I bought it. The 9 can be retrofitted, but that is a pain, as it has to be done in Germany.
I took all of that into account in my decision,b ut I didn't know the retro-fitting was done in Germany. I got the Sweet because it is physically smaller, and so it takes up less space in my bag. I've got a Sony 70-300mm G SSM lens (a fantastic lens, a little ordinary at 70mm and above 250mm, but awesome in between), so that's also why I chose the Sweet, instead of other options.