Here is a snapshot of the realized costs of putting a lens in shutter. A Copal #3 will cost about $375 - $400. If the lens screws directly into the shutter like the 355 G Claron then the costs for calibrating and engraving an f stop scale on the shutter is minimal. When you have a large lens it will inherently need a good bit of machining to get it into a modern shutter. Spending $400+ for the shop time to put a lens in shutter is not unreasonable. Add to that the costs of the quality lens and you can see that dropping $1200 and up is not unreasonable. When you consider it an investment in your photography that will put a smile on your face every time you see the results from it you do not have buyers remorse.

In the longer lenses you should carefully consideration the net weight and if your camera is capable of managing it.