It's about 40 years since I used Bromophen but it's a powder PQ developer results are similar to ID-62/PQ Universal but image colour depends on the paper used.

The image colour/tone is very largely dependent on the balance of Potassium Bromide and Benzotriazole, small changes can have quite a large effect which is why there are slight differences between these Ilford developers. Ilford now use Dimezone instead of Phenidone in some liquid developers.

PQ Universal is very clean working as a negative developer and this carries through when used for prints as well, giving the punchier highlights. It's a particularly good developer for making copy negatives on Ilford Ortho Plus or even FP4.

Two other factors can affect image colour, liquid developers use Potassium salts instead of Sodium because of the greater solubility and this also increase the warmth, and this was particularly noticeable with Agfa WA where the powder version an MQ developer was significantly less warm than the liquid PQ version. MQ developers are colder toned than the equivalent PQ version.