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You should carry on spelling it your way otherwise your fellow countrymen will think you're weird.... or Canadian!

or British, or Australian, or Kiwi, or from pretty much any English-speaking nation...

As far as the camera body goes - I agree with Rusty. The X300 is a real surprise - small and light, a great easy-to-use option and you can get them for almost nothing because they are plentiful and don't have a 7 in their name.

Of course the big-name guys such as the SRT-101 (and 102/303/Super), XE1/XE7, XD7/XD11 and X700 are more popular, but if you're not lucky you might have to dig deep (comparatively) to get a good one.

Whatever you do, take comfort in knowing that the lens you "accidentally" bought is worth buying a body for.