I've been thinking a lot about different formats, types of cameras etc lately, and I'm a little stumped on one. Perhaps some can chime in and give me their opinions? I get why one would shoot with large format, medium format, 35mm rangefinder, sub-mini etc. But what advantages, if any, would one choose to shoot a late-model full-featured film SLR over the d-word equivalent? Seems to me that using an EOS-1V or a Nikon F6 would be an "almost digital" experience, but fall short. I have a Nikon N90s that I rarely use.

I'm not asking for a D-versus-A discussion. I know better than that! I'm just asking: why, in a digital age, would a photographer specifically choose a modern film SLR camera such as those mentioned above?

(Bronica EC, Bronica ETR-s, Yashica Electro 35 GSN, Yashicaflex, Nikon N90s, Super Ricohflex, Toyo-View C etc etc etc)