I think that for some people a 35mm would be a better choice because I have heard that they are more rugged than digitals. If you are taking one camping or hiking, I have read where a camera repair place suggested using a film camera. I'll admit that there are improvements coming along those lines so that may not be as important today as in years past. Also, you can get a 35mm for $200 or so, where as a good digital is still around $400. Then you have the arguments that I won't waste time with, such as some people will say that b/w is better in film or that colors are more natural. When my x-700's no longer are working, I will probably either stay with MF or get that manual Nikon. I don't think that will be happening for a few years so who knows where we (or I) will be then. It is getting so that there are less and less reasons not to go digital, but that is great in a way. As long as photography improves be it digital or film, it is to the photographers benefit.