Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, I don't have a "position" on this. I'm not asking "why the heck would anyone use an F6??!" I want to know why people who *do* use an F6/EOS-1 like those cameras? I think I've got some of the answers here. More camera for the money compared to a dSLR, film exposure latitude, and perhaps legacy (what you've been using for the longest time, works for you etc).

One question: are film SLR viewfinders inherently brighter than dSLRs? If so, why is that? Or is it just a more-camera-for-money thing? (Cheap-ish film SLRs have viewfinders comparable to high end dSLRS)

Oh and I can see the argument for a full-manual or even older battery-operated film SLR for camping, long travel, situations where electricity might be difficult to find. Does that argument work for the EOS-1/F6/full-auto SLR? Those CR123/CR5 batteries last a reasonably long time, I would guess. I know I'd be happy to haul my N90s and a bunch of AA batteries off into the hills for a few weeks (although I'm not sure I'd actually go off into the hills for a few weeks, camera or not!). My dSLRs would only last a few days.