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I'm with the OP. Since I got my Bessa R, I never use the SLRs anymore. The only things I find the SLRs do better than rangefinders are automation and things that require really fast action, like sports. I don't need the automation unless I also need speed. In the case of fast action, I'm more likely to have to shoot more to get a good picture because I have less control over the image. That means burning through lots of film. Because of this, I pretty much stick to the DSLR when I need that kind of speed, which is not often. I'd rather waste electricity than film and I don't want to miss the action while I'm changing the roll, so I don't use film in action situations.

The only case where I can imagine really needing the 35mm SLR is as a special purpose body to complement the digital setup. I might take one along when shooting a sporting event just for fun. I could imagine using one on a film set where I'm shooting a movie with my DSLR and have my lenses handy. Otherwise, they pretty much sit on the shelf at home.
Equally, I know people who just cannot grasp the rangefinder concept, they really want to see through the lens. So its a matter of how one works.

I own both kinds cause I'm moody My most "fancy" SLR is a Canon Elan 7e, and its the one I use less often ... I like it because its relatively quiet and I can use my lenses in exchange with my 5D, but I generally use it in Manual mode anyhow.

Now I think I'll shoot with it this week Good thread! hehe