I don't covet the F6, but I sure would like an F5 sometime to replace/supplement my F4s. They all have fantastic meters which can make a rolls of film contact print with great consistency between images, even as scenes change.

It's the ultimate in film SLRs, and we like our film. Digital folks covet up to date DSLRs.

Nikon/Canon SLRs are good for people wanting to use a large variety of modern lenses, want autofocus and motor drive for fast candids or sports. If you snub them because they are not chrome/brass/100% mechanical, they can do the same things in the same manner, just as long as it's not -30f which would kill the battery. If you have just one style of photography you like to practice, get a simple tool that does the job. If you want a variety of photographic challenges and don't mind learning complicated equipment, a newish SLR can be a very versatile tool.