This is my sad story and I'm sticking to it.

I just bought an F6.

I don't own alot of cameras but I do shoot a fair bit, both digital and black and white film. I shoot mostly 8x10, some Pentax 645, and then 35mm with a rangefinder.

I always use digital to shoot pro sports. I get paid by Sony to use their cameras so that's what I use. This gives me access to the latest digital without owning one.

I still enjoy shooting film and likely shoot film 3 or 4 days a week. Although I have a full range of Sony lenses for the digi, they never made a film body. I did try a few minolta bodies but didn't enjoy using them.

In the past I had used the F4 and F5 (also the EOSIV for the brief time I had Canon). I decided the F5 was the nicest film SLR I had used and thought I would get another F5, but first took a look at a new F6. Well once I held the F6 I was hooked. This is the nicest SLR I've tried. Outstanding build quality, great viewfinder, easy to use features, easy to customize menu..... just the best SLR I've seen.

The only shortcoming with the system is the build quality of the lenses, but I've already started building a system using the Zeiss lenses in the Nikon mount. Now I have the best of both worlds, great glass and a great camera body. I hope to use it enough to wear it out.

So why get one of those top-or-the-line film bodies, because using them is a great experience.


ps. The one camera system that I always liked but never used was the Olympus OM4. It seemed like a great camera, but Olympus was always a minor player in the photo industry in Canada and didn't offer the kind of pro support the other brands had.