I went, and there were bits and pieces as well as worthwhile stuff. I hear that Stan held back on a bunch of his 'best stuff' when the phsc guys went to pick up the stuff to be auctioned. Then Stan had his remaining best stuff content dumpstered by the landlord, when stan had not vacated on time.

I'm not sure it was a rumour or truth.

There were about 400 lots worth of stuff auctioned. I stuck around between 11 at the start, when there were perhaps 55 bidder until 4:30, when there were maybe 30 lots left and perhaps 12 bidders remaining.

I came away with about 300 M2 and M3 (some B, some not) flashbulbs, at an average price of $1.20 per dozen, a whack of contact printers and 8x10 speed easels and a four bladed 11x14 easel for $5. I bought a long roll 35mm camera for the old 100mm Ektar lens for $10.

I also bought a bin full of video camera battery chargers for $5 for future project power supply options, and sold one at the auction for $3

I bought a mixed bag of darkroom stuff for $10, and came away with about 150 sheets of 8x10 dry mount tissue, 2 8x10 grey cards, a 8x10 safe light with and OC filter, and sundry other bits.

I bought a bin of old Metz accessories for $5 mostly for the telephoto adapter for my 60 series flash, and now ahave a slew of dedicated modules to fob off.

I do feel kind of worn out though. Lots I was interested in came up at random thought the day, so you really could not mentally unwind for the time you were there.