I just managed to pick up a copy of the "Morgan and Morgan Darkroom Book" circa 1980 ($2.00 hard cover at a local flea market). The book has a variety of developer formulas in the back...some of them from Agfa, GAF, KODAK and a few others. The book also has formulas for intensifiers, toners, hypo and stop bath that may be of interest.

Anyway, I'll be happy to post a few of them as I go along. Please let me know if you are interested in a particular formula as it may be listed in this book (or I may have access to it from some of the other sources I've collected over the years).

I, for one, may just try the following:

AGFA 72:
Description: A soft-working developer built around Glycin. It produces gently graded results in either tank or tray,

Water= 1.0 Liter @ 52 C (HOT).
Sodium Sulfite: 125 Grams
Glycin: 50 Grams
Potassium Carbonate: 250 Grams.

Tank Development: 1 part stock solution to 10 parts water.
Develop at 18C for 15`20 minutes

Tray Development: 1 part stock solution to 4 parts water.
Develop at 18C for 5~7 minutes.

NOTE ON USING GLYCIN: In my experience, this chemical dissolves very slowly in water. This little problem is corrected by adding just a pinch of Sodium Sulfite to the water before you start to add the Glycin to the water.

I may consider trying this developer with Ilford Delta Pro 100....and start a new thread with the results.

Later- Joe