Thanks for all the replys!

It sounds as though most of you have been carrying the camera body on your person instead of in your pack? I wasn't sure if that would become a hassle or not. I do wish I had a smaller set of camera gear to go with, but the Canon's are all I have at the moment.

Vaughn - I live in Rocklin (Sacramento area) and have been trying to head to the Sierra's as often as possible. We have done Yosemite Falls and Nevada Falls, though not very high. I will be trying to get out to Half Dome soon. I went up to try the Sierra Butte's Lookout this weekend and it was still snowed in. I am by far the most out of shape and been kicking my own a$$ to get ready!

Wy2l - We do not have permits yet, and I see that August is now full, which was when we were planning to go. Our company has laid off so many people, we are all back-ups for one another and its been hard to coordinate time off for this and work around everyone's personal schedule.

Gavin - I joined the Hiking and Trekking group, didn't even now there was one. I'm still trying to find my way around this website. When I first started thinking about this, I was going to take a cast iron pan! HA!