For some time now I have been contact printing 8x10 and 8x20 negatives with some degree of success, however I know that they could be better. I have not had any darkroom training and have simply tried things and read books. Initially I was scanning and printing so I was able to produce prints as needed. A traditional contact print is my desired output, scanning and printing was done due to time constraints and is not my preferred method of producing a print

Finding the time to spend in the darkroom has been a challenge due to family circumstances, but I now find myself with 2 weeks where I can spend all day printing and hopefully improving my output. I hope to learn more during that time and take a step up in terms of quality.

The advice I am looking for, is what is the best path to follow to improve. I understand that I need to get to know both paper and chemicals, but is there any other area that you would suggest I work on. While most of my output will be contact prints from 8x10, is there some benefit in doing some enlargements from 6x7 as well and learning other techniques.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.