Here are some links to photos for a couple of the lenses I already have taken.

12" Goerz Dagor - this is not originally a "gold rim dagor", the paint was looking bad so I figured why not give it a gold rim. There is no difference between the gold rim dagor and a black rim dagor optically anyway...

14" Petzval - I got this petzval in a trade with Jim Galli, he was unsure of the brand but said it could possible be a Darlot or Edison - it has no aperture but does have the beautiful swirly Bokeh that petzval are desired for, super sharp in the center with a dramatic drop off to swirly goodness

36cm Voigtlander Heliar - gobs and gobs of Bokeh, repainted with automotive grade enamel that has hardeners in the paint that give it a very durable finish, has the old style of f stops that are 1/3 off from modern stops, also has 24 aperture blades for a perfectly circular aperture. It is now black with a nice fine metal flake paint job