My friend is selling this Pentax ME Super, so I borrowed it to shoot a roll with it to check it out. And I really like it. I also have a fancy Canon 1v, but I find the small, light Pentax so appealing and with a very adequate set of features.
However I am not going to buy this particular Pentax as it is too beat up (back does not close properly). So I am thinking: If I am going to buy a similar SLR, I might as well take a look at what is being loved by the APUG gang. What other candidates should I look at? What I like about the Pentax ME Super is:
- Size & weight. I donīt want it bigger/heavier.
- Auto and manual exposure with very clear readings in the VF.
- Very nice and big VF.
- Lots of rather inexpensive glass to be found. I would definitely want a fast 50mm. (Pentax has the 50mm f1.2.)

This segment of (vintage) SLR is very new to me, so any input is appreciated.