As shown in photos, all speeds are tested accurate, however I am unsure about the meter. It seems to be off / funny. You have to press the DoF button right next to the shutter release to meter, and it wants to be adjusted by shutter speed before you can select an appropriate aperture.

The glass however is in very great shape, I can see maybe two tiny specks of dust inside and did not affect image quality, no cleaning marks, and shiny squeaky clean on front and rear elements.

There seems to be some number engraved on bottom of lens and body.

So I ahve to say it's in fair condition, works very well. I'd use it myself, but I have my Leica R system, so this has to go because someone else can use it and I need more room for my GAS.

$175 shipped, 3% to APUG.

If you want to see what kind of images it takes, let me know, I shot two rolls with this camera to test it.