It has 2 little issues to mention. A wee hole in the bellows. Just needs a bit of black tape at the back, or do it right with a tiny piece of kid leather glued at the back as a patch. DO NOT replace the bellows. It's almost perfect and does not need replacing.

The other item is the bit of first surface mirror inside the finder is loose and rattling around in there. Easily re-glued.

I'm including 700 feet of Kodak Aerial Recon Dupe film. The dupe film as an orthochromatic slow (very slow, like asa1 1/2) film very similar to what would have been shot in this camera when it was new. See my Rodinol developer with retrainers for working with ortho films.

This makes 5" X up to 12" panoramas of about 130 degrees. You can put enough film inside for 4 12" pictures. There is a little pin prick that tells you where the end of each exposure is.

DO NOT MISS this for $450 because they are like hens teeth. Add appropriate shipping. The film is heavy so it'll probably cost $28 - $30 in USA.