I've had this lens a number of years and it has been superb. To me, there is nothing like looking at a Voightlander Euryscop on the ground glass.

The lens is f7, Series IV, #2, 8 1/4" focal length, serial #43122, and comes with 7 brass waterhouse stops , a leather case for the stops, plus a flange. Height approx 3", width at flange about 3 1/4".

The stops came to me with the lens, so I believe they are original. They are numbered from 0 to 6 and underneath that number is the f stop also lightly engraved. However, my digital just wouldn't get a shot of the engraving. The leather case for the stops is NOT original. It is from a Ross lens I once had and is slightly tattered on the inside fabric, but holds the stops snugly. The flange is not original but screws on several threads down and holds the lens fine.

As you can see, the lens shade part is out of round. However, it easily unscrews as shown, and would be simple to fix for someone who knew what they were doing (unlike me). Also, at some point in the past, someone seems to have sliced two slivers off the rear element casing. I'm guessing that was to fit it onto a smaller lens board, but it has no affect on anything.

The glass is very good. There are some minor marks and I think there possibly is a slight nick on the rear element. But even with the minor faults, this lens is a top performer. However, since it isn't absolutely perfect, USA buyers will have a week to take some photos and develop them and see for themselves that there is no effect. If you think it does, a full refund less shipping costs.

$325 shipped and insured in the USA. Paypal fees to the buyer, USPS money order ok. 3% to APUG if sold here.