You could try to find a Chinon CE-4, it is the same size as the ME Super and has the same features, it also has the same Pentax-K mount and just as big and bright viewfinder. Old Chinons are not hard to find in scandivaia and they are usually very cheap. Here you have the full Chinon CE-4 manual at

Here you have reviews on the Chinon CE-4 at (in swedish):

A great camera, i have had my CE-4 since the early eighties and it just keeps on working. I have also one CM-4 that looks just the same but is fully mechanical and works just as well without batteries, but the CM-4 do not have aperture priotity auto, or any features what so ever. But the CM-4 has even bigger viewfinder, but not by much, it does not even have lightmeter in the viewfinder, it is just outside and consists of three light diodes, two red and one green for correct exposure in the middle. The CE-4 on the other hand has an electro mechanical shutter, self timer, a PC-jack and AE-lock.

Chinon also had a complete range of lenses, from decent consumer glass to some really good ones. The 28mm/f2.8 is good, so is the 135/f2.8 and the 50mm/f1,7 is as good as they ever be regardless of brand, a real performer, very sharp and also with a very nice creamy bokhe. Stay away from the 50mm/f1.9, that is quite soft, has a disturbing bokhe and makes pentagon shaped OOF highlights (has fewer aperture blades than the f1.7).