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Sounds like you want an OM2n. I went from ME Super to OM2n. It was an easy conversion, because the OM2n is the same size, with an equally good viewfinder, a very usable manual mode unlike the pentax, and the lenses focus better (for me). The only thing I miss about the pentax is the shorter throw on the rewind lever.
I loved both the OM2 and OM1n, but eventually sold them both after I found a pristine ME Super locally for peanuts. I wouldn't pretend for a second that the Pentax is better in some objective sense. They each have their points in favor. In the end I found them roughly equivalent shooters, so the Pentax won purely on familiarity (I started out with manual cameras by shooting and repairing K1000s on a college campus back when) and very slightly lower total cost of ownership. The latter was important with a new family, though the difference isn't enough that I'd have cared otherwise.