I have a 55/2 Super Takumar for sale, as I don't have any 35mm pentax bodies, nor do I plan on buying any since I have numerous Nikon bodies and lenses that I use in addition to my medium format gear, KEH says 35 dollars for a BGN 55/1.8 so I figure $25 is a fair price for what I would consider a BGN 55/2. The only caveat is that the distance scale doesn't seem to rotate with the focusing ring, but I can't imagine this impeding use very much...

There is a little bit of dust in the lens, but nothing I can see that would really affect either contrast, nor image quality otherwise.

The aperture blades have no oil on them, and operate just fine.

also, I have no caps that fit since I only use F-mount lenses in 35mm, but I will pack it in bubble wrap to ensure its protection.

$25+shipping in the USA