Hi APUG, I'm trying to figure out what camera system to use on my secondary 35mm film system.
My primary is and always will be Nikon. Digital and Film, etc.

My secondary system is what I use when I just want to take a camera and use it for street shooting and just having fun with friends and stuff (having the bulky F100/Dx series digital + grip + huge lenses makes me think of my job and is tiring to carry around when i am just out having fun).

It pretty much all comes down to lens systems right now.

I found a hell of a deal on some equipment recently.
In the end, I got a Minolta X700, Minolta SRT200, Olympus OM-G (OM-20), and a Yashica Electro X ITS (all 4 with a plethora of lenses) for about $30.
All have working meters, function well, and are in beautiful condition.

* I love the shutter sound, features, and Rokkor glass on the X700.
* I love the size of the Olympus OM system body. I don't know of the quality of lenses, but I'm sure Zuiko lenses are sweet. If i go with this, i'll trade-up to a better camera body for this system.
* I love the huge number of lens possibilities if I were to use the Yashica Electro X ITS (it's got the M42 screwmount system).

So what should I do? I'm really at a loss here